What is the purpose of the HMS Band Allegro Club?

1.  Fundraising opportunity that promotes the growth and development of instrumental music at Horizon Middle School.


2.  Opportunity for supporters of HMS bands to make a 'once per year’ donation for the growth and development of the bands.


For what will donations be used?


                           Upgrade percussion instruments

                           Purchase bass clarinet

        Purchase Bassoon

                           Music Camp Scholarships


             Future:  Additional instruments as the band program expands

                           (baritone horn, tenor saxophone)

Why is such a program important?

Band programs have an ongoing need for additional funds and students are often enlisted to help in raising these funds. 

Our community has many groups that are also continuously raising funds.  This program will help HMS bands avoid doing multiple door-to-door fundraisers.



Levels of Club participation:

Director Level              $5-$24

Maestro Level              $25-$49

Composer Level           $50-$99

Benefactor Level         $100 +


'Director’ Donors

Parker Ehrman  

Aurora Zainhofsky 

Gerald & Barbara Lauer

Lona Jelsing

Ayden Cermak

Lucas Schweigert

Mia Fisher

Riley Vander Laan

Pete & Mary Kuntz

Lona Jelsing

‘Maestro’ Donors

Mari Fridgen

Mike & Linda Schoepp

Bruce Maragos & Family

Scott & Heather Bullinger

Mark & Michele Elhardt

Steve Windish Family

Wade & Glenda Thomssen

Donnell Roehrich

Sara & Mike Kisse

Aaron & Diana Kielhack

Adam & Nancy Dunlop

Jeremy & Roxanne Woeste

Manley & Ann Hillesland


Mark & Sarah Herold

Aaron Wu

Kevin Stadler

Dave & Jerri Carlson

Paul & Julie Fornshell

The Heiser Family

Murray and Kristi Sagsveen

Ryan and Nikki Taylor

Walt and Judy Vollmers

Helderop Family

Steve and Sarah Lee

Wrolstad Family

Mrs. Johanna M. Nagel

In Memory of Sheila Klecker

Bruce Rau

‘Composer’ Donor

The Heiser Family

Mike & Sona Houle

The Vollan Family

Andrew & Melissa Hetland

Lonnie & Michelle Shereck

Claus & Marsha Lembke

Kathy Odegaard

Nick & Kara Wolski



Mike & Renae Odegaard

Charles & Mandy Dendy

Jacob Boehm 

The Handt Family

Mark & Janell Anderson Family

Dave & Sharon Kupper

In Memory of Steve Hillesland

Jim & Terri Fleming

Darrin & Denise Anderson Family

Alexis Pitkin Family

The Keup Family

Aaron and Diana Kielhack

Steve and Kathy Mittelsteadt

Mark and Janell Anderson Family

The Mosbrucker Family

John and Joann Willoughby

Linn and Troy Zander

Kathy Odegaard

The Bowlinger Family

Pat and Lori Finken

Wade and Glenda Thomssen

Ron & Nancy Hobza

Bud and LuAnn Woeste

Lonnie and Mack Huncovsky

Roger and LaVerne Reinbold


 ‘Benefactor’ Donors

Bitz Consulting

Gerald T & Dazhe Bitz

The Osmond Family

The Vadnais Family

Brenda & Jason LaDuke

The Balf Family

The Quintus Family

Linn & Troy Zander

Frontier Plumbing & Heating

In Memory of Ann L Wilson


Rev. Matt & Pam Thompson


Irrigation Services – Ryan Geerdes

David & Suzanne Schweigert Family

Premier Designs – Doug & Ramie Turner

Lew & Karen Dendy

Barb Tietz

Steven and Pamela Kielhack

The Kane Family

Nick and Penny Rosz

Eileen and Bob Gjermundson

Scott and Heather Bullinger

Dan and Jen Polk

Joel and Jennifer Bird


Keith and Erin House Family

The Bitz Family

The Irgens Family

Amanda and Matt Sagsveen

Jason and Traci Hilsabeck

Kandooru Family

Craig and Denise Nelson

In Memory of Danie Thomssen

The Hoskins Family

The Dean Family

Tom and Claudia Schneider

Chuck and Sheila Murphy

Dannette and David Pengilly


In Memory of Marlene Huber


Dave and Bree Walth

Richard and Seng Marohl

Joel and Jennifer Bird

Marilynne & Don Reiner

In memory of Paige Vearrier

Kevin Jia Family

David and Linda McAdoo

Sharon and David Kupper

Donations are accepted year around. Please click the link below and fill out the form if you wish to donate. Please return the form to:

Horizon Middle School Bands

500 Ash Coulee Drive

Bismarck, ND 58503

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