6th Grade Band Supplies

Playing an instrument is tons of fun, but it is important for students to have the supplies they need in order to be successful. Please check your child's instruments for all the supplies needed. All supplies have links to the exact item your child needs.


All instruments can be rented through a music store, with the exception of Tubas, which are rented through the school. If using a family/friend instrument please have it checked by a repair technician to insure it is in proper working condition. Do Not Buy Instruments from amazon or other online retailers. Most of these instruments are odd brands that cannot be repaired if they break and are often made incorrectly (which is why the are so cheap).


Essential Elements Book 1

Care Kit


French Horn

Essential Elements Book 1

Horn Care Kit



Essential Elements Book 1

Trombotine slide cream

Spray Bottle for water (small)



Essential Elements Book 1

Valve oil

Slide Grease



(Rentals through school for $99 a year)

Essential Elements Book 1

Valve Oil

Slide Grease



(Percussion fee - $45)

Essential Elements Books 1

Sticks (SD1 Juniors)

Drum and Bell Kit (Rent from Music Store)


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